6 Most Unique Business Ideas

The key to succeeding in a business is to make it unique. Your business should be offering something that no one else is offering. Even when there are many other businesses that may feel similar, yours should have a feature that sets it apart from its competitors and ensures that you have a dedicated client base. But there are some ideas that are so unique that you would wonder how they came up with it in the first place. Here are the 6 most unique business ideas.

1. Virtual Dating Assistants: Online dating is the new norm. This is how most people are meeting their soulmates nowadays. Seeing someone’s profile online and instantly likin g it has become the new version of your eyes meeting across the dance floor. But there are many different online dating platforms available and creating and maintaining a profile on each has become a hassle for many. Virtual Dating Assistants (ViDA) will create and manage your online dating profile and even have conversations and set up dates for you. You just have to actually show up for the date.

2. Become Fluent in a Language in Three Months: Whether you want to expand your resume or you want to travel to a foreign country, there are many different reasons to learn a new language. Fluent in 3 months is an online business that helps you learn any language in three months. The methods employed were first tested by the developer, Benny Lewis himself and when it worked really well he decided to teach others and turn his discovery into a business.

3. Cleaning up Crime Scenes: After the law enforcement agencies have collected evidence, cleaning up the scene is mostly left to the owners who have no clue how to go about the job. However, there are certain businesses who offer clean up services specifically tailored to crime scenes. They have specialized equipment and cleaning supplies and will ensure that the place doesn’t resemble a crime scene.

4. Tours for TV Show Fans: There are certain landmarks that are associated with a TV Show and evoke strong feelings in the minds of their fans. Tours that cover the places that are shown in a TV show have been really popular among the fans. This can be a unique way to offer fans of TV Shows a fun tour of the city.

5. Eternal Reefs: Everyone wants to be remembered in a unique way once they are gone. While some prefer the traditional burial, other prefer cremation. Eternal Reefs offers their client a way to make a positive impact on the environment after their death by mixing their ashes with cement and form reef balls that are then provide marine life a safe habitat once they are lowered into the ocean.

6. I Do Now I Don’t: Being in love and being engaged to the person you love is the most wonderful feeling in the world. But what if things don’t work out? You are left with a broken heart and an engagement ring on which you would suffer financial loss if you try to return it to the store. The prices of engagement rings are marked up in jewelry stores as they know this is an occasion for which people will not mind splurging. I Do Now I Don’t is an online store where you can buy and sell engagement rings and other jewelry that comes from a broken relationship. The seller receives a better price than the ones they get from a store and the buyer gets jewelry at a cheaper rate when compared to the store. It is a win-win situation for those who are not bothered by the jewelry’s history.

All of the above ideas arose from personal experiences of their founders. With the right kind of idea, you can also turn your problem into a successful business.